Wedding Photography: Frequently Asked Questions

 Wedding Photography FAQ

Wedding Details

How far do you travel for weddings? 

I love to travel! I will travel worldwide if you want me as your wedding photographer. I’ve photographed weddings in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Oregon and Washington and I look forward to working with more couples in many more locations around the world! Let's chat about your destination wedding and see if I'm a good fit for you. 

Is there an additional charge if my wedding is outside your range? 

For Weddings outside of my hometown a custom wedding package to include cost of travel; airfare and hotel will need to be worked out. Anything is possible and I'm happy to discuss details with you. 

Las Vegas Wedding

Do you offer a disc of digital negatives in any of your packages? 

I do offer digital files with my packages. You can select a handful of images or you can upgrade to add the entire collection. I don’t burn them to CD’s because most computers don’t have disc drives anymore but downloading and saving your purchased files is super easy and I will walk you through the entire process. 

Does it cost extra to have the images edited? 

Typically no there is no extra charge. My editing style is pretty light. I don’t like to spend lots of time on a computer fixing images. My goal is to set up my shots so that the editing is minimal. I do lightly retouched all of my images in Adobe Lightroom and use Photoshop for fine retouching. Charges might apply for more intense editing like removing objects or swiping heads.

Do you offer professional retouching services for blemishes and scars? 

Yes! Don’t worry about a blemish or scratch. I can easily retouch this and if I miss one that you love it’s so easy for me to edit it for you and email it over. 

What can I expect to spend on my wedding package? 

The average investment for my wedding couples is typically about $2800 but my packages and pricing are completely customizable and I have package options starting at $1495. We can add all types of products, extra hours, 2nd photographers etc to make sure you have the coverage and products you need. 

What if my family/friends would like to order the images online? Is there a website they go to? 

Your friends and family can order right from your online gallery. You can share the entire gallery with them or create a favorites collection and send them those to choose from. Prints and products will ship right to their home.

Wedding First Look

What is the first look? 

The first look is an alternative to the traditional option of not seeing each other until you walk down the aisle. Instead, you meet at a spot and see each other for the first time just before the ceremony. Both options are beautiful and so special to photograph. I personally love doing first looks because we set up the perfect spot for the couple to see each other for the first time. It's a total surprise and it's really the only alone time the couple will have before the wedding. It can be very emotional but you get all those tears and jittering feelings out of the way and we go right into the romantic portraits. The first look and doing photos before the ceremony makes everything else go so smoothly. We get all the important formal photos done before the guest arrive so that after the ceremony you can go right into your party and celebrate. 

Do you make all your couples have the first look, or is it optional? 

It's totally optional and whichever you choose will be so special and beautiful to photograph. I am happy to discuss the options more in detail and how they might look on your wedding day. 

First Look Wedding

How much time is typically needed to shoot a wedding? 

This really depends on the size of your wedding, how many people in your bridal party, and what type of things you have planned throughout your event. On average 6-8 hours over coverage seems to be the sweet spot but some weddings require more time or full 10-12 hours. 

Wedding Ridgefield WA

Will you come for the rehearsal dinner? If I'm available I'd love to come especially if you are not using a wedding planner but most of the time it's not necessary for me to attend the rehearsal. 

How many photographers come with you on the wedding day? 

This depends on the package but typically if the package is a single photographer it will be me and an assistant (not a second shooter.) If the package is for 2 photographers it might be 2 of us photographers and an assistant. I occasionally have interns or student photographers who will assist at weddings. 

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, I have back up gear and lots of it!  It's important to have multiple cameras, lenses, batteries, memory cards, flashes, etc. If something fails I like to have something else ready to go without there being any hiccups. 

What do you wear to your weddings? 

Generally, I wear black slacks and a business casual top. Sometimes I will try to blend in by wearing a top that matches the wedding colors. I always try to dress professionally and practically. If it's 100 degrees on your wedding day I may wear a dress or Capri style black slacks and a sleeveless blouse. I often wear toms shoes because they are quiet and easy to move around in. There are times when I need to climb or lay on the ground to get the best shot so my outfit choices need to allow me to get into different positions easily. 

wedding BTS

Will my images be posted on social networking sites? 

Unless you specifically ask me to not post your images to social media it is possible I will use them on Facebook, Instagram, or my blog with your signed model release. I have had many of my weddings published in other popular wedding blogs and magazines. 

Engagement photos Vancouver WA

Is an engagement session included in any of your packages? 

Yes, I include an engagement session in my wedding packages as a complementary product. This covers the engagement session fee. prints and products can be purchased a la cart from your online gallery.

How far in advance do I need to book? 

Most couples book me about 1 year prior to their wedding date but if I have your date available I'm happy to work with you on your timeline.

Can we meet before I book? 

I'd love to schedule a wedding consultation before you book either via phone, zoom/facetime or in person. 

Do you offer a military discount? 

Yes, I offer a 10% discount for all active military. 

Military Wedding

How would you describe your wedding shooting style? 

I typically take charge and coordinate all the formals and bridal party portraits. I love working with planners and day of coordinators but I also have no problem taking charge when I need to. When it comes to the ceremony I try my best to blend in and not call too much attention to myself. I will do my best to quietly move around to get all the different perspectives I need to tell the story. When it comes to the reception, I am all about talking to the guest to get them to smile for the camera and also capturing some really fun candid moments. 

How long have you been shooting weddings? 

I started photographing weddings in 2009 and instantly fell in love! I started out shooting about 20 weddings a year. I have lost count of how many weddings I have photographed but even still, each one is so special and unique and so deserving of beautiful photos. 

Groomsmen photos

Do you use flash for any of your photography? 

I love using flash and off-camera flash. It can really compliment my work and fill-in light when needed. It's really important to choose a photographer who can adapt to the lighting situation on your wedding day. I love using flash especially for dark indoor venues, sunset photos, and sparkler sendoffs. 

Are you a member of any professional photographer organizations? 

I am a member of PPA Portrait photographers of America,  WPPI- Wedding and Portrait Photographers of America, BNI- Business Networking International, and Clark County Wedding Vendors. 

Wedding decorations

Can you send me a list of references? 

I would be happy to send you a list of references. You can also check out my reviews on google, yelp, the knot, and wedding wire.

What happens if my wedding gets canceled or I need to change the date after I’ve booked?

Do you offer annual anniversary sessions? 

I absolutely love anniversary sessions! I wish that more couples did them! What a fun way to celebrate a year of marriage. I think every year is an accomplishment and I love photographing anniversaries for all kinds of couples. 60th wedding anniversaries are really special and I've had the honor of photographing some very sweet couples celebrating such an amazing anniversary milestone. 

Do you work with any specific vendors? 

I work with lots of vendors in Clark County and the Portland area. It's great working with vendors I know because it makes the day go so smoothly. You can find a list of my recommended vendors on my website.

Cupcakes Vancouver WA

Can you hold my date without a deposit? 

I can not hold your date without a deposit and signed contract it is against my company policy. 

How many photos should I expect from my wedding day? 

For a 6 hour wedding, you could expect somewhere between 400-600 images. For an 8-10 hour wedding, there could be more like 700-1000 images in the gallery. 

Do you offer videography? 

I do not offer Videography services but I would be happy to recommend some amazing videographers in the area. 

Do you offer save the date and thank you cards? 

Yes! I love designing beautiful custom cards for my clients with their images on them. 

First Dance Wedding PNW

How many events do you typically shoot on a wedding day? 

On the day of a wedding, I want to focus all of my energy on the couple and making their day special. I do not typically shoot other projects on a wedding day. 

Do you shoot with film or digital?

I shoot digital. The primary camera body I use is a Sony A7Riii.

Are you LGBTQ friendly? 

Absolutely! I feel that my job is to serve my clients and capture their love stories and their unique beauty. I am so honored to photograph every person who steps in front of my lens.

What makes you different than other photographers?

I know so many amazingly creative and talented photographers. I try very hard not to compare myself to others in my industry. I would say my clients typically choose me because they feel comfortable with me. I am pretty laid back and I can connect with people easily. I genuinely care about people. I love getting to know them, capturing them, and becoming their friend. This helps put them at ease when we work together they know they can trust me and we have a lot of fun. 


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