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Aaliyah- Warrior Angel {Vancouver WA Photographer}

This family touched my heart when I came across a post from Susana on Facebook about her daughter Aaliyah's first chemo treatment. We somehow became friends through mutual friends on FB but I didn't know her before that post. Her 2 year old Aaliyah was diagnosed with Leukemia just around Thanksgiving.  I instantly felt I needed to contact her. I don't know what they are going through, I can only imagine.  I do know that families often get so busy with medical appointments and the stress of fighting illnesses that it can be hard to do regular family things like have your photos taken or just have fun together. I wanted to give them the gift of family photos so that they could have these now. Things are looking really good so far and their family is optimistic and hopeful. They are ready to fight and win. I pray for their strength and for Aaliyah's health to improve.  Susana is starting a journal and just set up an account on caring bridge. To follow their battle