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Creekside Wedding {Vancouver, WA Wedding Photographer}


a date with Ryan and Tiffany {Vancouver, WA-Portland OR Engagement Photographer}

This was an awesome engagement session. I knew as soon as I met Ryan and Tiffany, that they were going to be a really fun couple to work with. Together we planned their engagement session to take place at the place they had their first day; Their college football field-- Awesome right? They began their session with a quick drink and we laughed and had fun the entire time. I think that one^^^ is my favorite!! I love the bikes! They have a bar on the Portland State campus so we ended our session with a few beers and talked about the upcoming wedding and future plans. This couple absolutely rocked their session and I had a blast working with them and I'm so thrilled that they chose me to capture their wedding day. Thanks for visiting! ~Tara Thackeray Photography web: Facebook: Youtube: