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Portland Wedding at Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom

Wedding Date: 04-05-2019 Vendors: Venue, Catering, and Decor: Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom Cake: Nothing Bundt Cake Describe your vision and style for the decorations: Vintage/Classy What are your wedding colors? Ivory, Blue, Burgundy, Champagne - Gold accents This wedding was special to me because I went to middle school with the bride! Seriously, it was such an honor that she even considered me to be her photographer. S and B got married on a rainy spring day in Portland, Oregon at the Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom. It was a lovely day to celebrate with family and friends. It rained that day and we had a lucky break with just enough time to do a few romantics and bridal party shots outside. Here are some of my favorites from the Grant Wedding in Downtown Portland OR. Just for fun silly faces:

M Family Vancouver WA

Wedding/Anniversary Date: November 22, 2019 How long have you been together? Married 10 years together 13 Tell me the story of how you met: My husband and I met when I was 15 and became friends with some of his friends. We both dated other people and never had an attraction for each other until we were older we ran into each other at a get-together. To be honest, the first time he asked me for my phone number I told him, "no." A year and half later or so we ran into each other at another get-together and finally went on our first hang out together a couple weeks later. We have been inseparable since. Never would have thought that the guy I didn't give my number to would be my partner for life and dad of my 3 kids. What do you love most about your partner? He makes me laugh. Even at his corny dad jokes. Do you have kids? if so how many? 3 kids Do you celebrate your anniversary? yes How do you get through the tough times together? We get mad, we figh