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Why I say no to "Exposure" as a form of payment

Here's a fun topic for the day: Exposure as a form of payment.....  This is a tricky subject but I think it's worth discussing. I often get approached for different collaboration opportunities that involve trading for my time, talent, and creative images and I must respectfully decline .  They typically are from very sweet people with good intentions and the requests often look like this:  "Hey Tara,  "Would you be interested in partnering with my company. We are in need of professional photos for our office staff as well as some upcoming events. We are looking for someone to come in and take the photos for FREE and in return, we will promote your business to our clients via our newsletter, social media and signage at our events."  ~Jane Doe  Director of marketing BIG Huge Company There are several reasons why I typically say no to non-paying photo gigs: 1. I have 3 kids. - Sure, I can find child care and I love doing fun photoshoots but let's be honest I am