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Genivieve and Aaron Wedding at Windy Hills Winery Ridgefield, WA

Wedding date: May 5 Wedding Venue:  Windy Hills Winery Ridgefield, WA Where is your dress from? The White Dress How long did it take you to find it and how did you know it was the one? I had tried I think... 3 Bridal shops, 3 lovely consultants, over 50 dresses, and it took roughly 3 months! I knew it was the one because in every other experience leading up to that one, I had thought about how I looked in the dress, how I thought my guests would think I looked, what details I loved (or hated), etc. - When I tried on my dress, all I could think about was Aaron and becoming his wife. I felt like a bride, it was the one. Describe your vision and style for the decorations: We are going for a clean, romantic, airy, greek inspired feel. Lots of ice/air blue accents, abundance of florals and greenery, and a lot of simple elegance. What are your wedding colors? Ice/air blue (Main), Slate blue/metallic (Accent), white and greenery. Who are you using for Flowers? Flower Friends What song did you

Vegas baby! Liz and Zach's Las Vegas Wedding

Zach and Liz live in the PNW.  They planned their wedding in Las Vegas, NV so they could have a small intimate and stress-free day and just have a fun time with their closest people.  Liz and Zach love tattoos and going to shows. They have been dating for more than 10 years and finally decided to get married. Liz loves vintage and retro decor. She found Flora pop online and fell in love with the vintage teardrop pop up wedding trailer for her ceremony and reception at the El Dorado Dry Lake Beds in Nevada. Sadly we brought the PNW weather with us and in poured rain in the desert make for very wet lake beds instead.  It didn't rain on our parade though. We all made the best of it and toasted to how life is funny that way. Sometimes you can have all the perfect plans made and yet things happen. We don't always have control of things in life or marriage. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow and enjoy the ride.  After the Ceremony, we retreated back to the MGM Gr