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A little bit about me- An interview with Tara Thackeray

Hey Hey, So this academic year I've had the privilege of mentoring a HS senior for her senior project. She conducted an interview with me and these are the questions and answers. I thought I'd share them here as a blog post incase anyone else is interested in knowing a little more about me 😊😊😊😊 1. What got you into photography? I’ve always loved all things art. Even when I was a child I was obsessed with cameras and taking pictures. I loved having professional photos taken. Scrapbooking and documenting life was totally my jam. I loved to pose my younger cousins or sibling and take photos of them during holidays and family events. I always had a camera with me and went through several growing up. In school, I was part of the yearbook committee and I took every art class available. I went to college to an art teacher because I love helping people and I love art--- I still do!  but I always had this DREAM of being a professional photographer. A few years later, I me