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Wedding Photography: Frequently Asked Questions

 Wedding Photography FAQ How far do you travel for weddings?   I love to travel! I will travel worldwide if you want me as your wedding photographer. I’ve photographed weddings in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Oregon and Washington and I look forward to working with more couples in many more locations around the world!  Let's chat about your destination wedding and see if I'm a good fit for you.  Is there an additional charge if my wedding is outside your range?   For Weddings outside of my hometown a custom wedding package to include cost of travel; airfare and hotel will need to be worked out. Anything is possible and I'm happy to discuss details with you.  Do you offer a disc of digital negatives in any of your packages?   I do offer digital files with my packages. You can select a handful of images or you can upgrade to add the entire collection. I don’t burn them to CD’s because most computers don’t have disc drives anymore but downloading and saving your purchased file

Getting Ready for your Wedding: Tips for Brides

 Let's talk about Wedding Hair and Makeup and how long you will need to get ready on your wedding day. When it comes to planning your wedding day timeline this is a question I get a lot from brides "How long will it take to get ready?"  Generally, the answer is different for every bride and I try my best to give great advice when it comes to planning these details but let's face it, I'm the photographer, not a wedding planner or HMUA. I typically will suggest my brides get ready early and plan at least 1 hour per bridesmaid for hair and makeup. It seems like a lot of brides think they are going to have all day to get ready but time slips away very quickly on the day of. I have seen bridal parties with 10+ bridesmaids get full hair and makeup and still arrive on time ready for photos with no hiccups and I've seen small bridal parties struggle to show up an hour late to the ceremony. It's so important to make sure you have enough time for everyone to get rea