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Time Saving Hacks I use for my life and business

Here's the deal. I'm busy.. Like to the point that the word "busy" is part of my usual self-description. "She's super busy" "I'm super busy" "Life's so busy" I'm busy for a lot of reasons and many of them are my choices but I find myself without much time left for Laziness or freedom or anything else really.  The fact is, I have 3 little humans, a dog and a cat that I am responsible for 80% of the time.  I am constantly preparing meals, cleaning, doing the laundry, making lists, shopping, scheduling appointments, paying bills, driving kids to and from activities, playdates, PTO meetings, etc. On top of all of that, I run a full-time business and volunteer with 3 other organizations. So "busy" sort of defines me... I don't want to come off as a complainer because I am actually very happy and super grateful that I'm able to do all of these things. I also know that this is only a season of my life. I

Country Wedding in Carson, WA

Wedding Date: 08-18-2019 Location: Carson Washington- Private Property/ Private Estate Wedding Where is your dress from? David's Bridal How long did it take you to find it and how did you know it was the one? The first shopping trip, the 3rd dress I tried on :) When I walked out, there were happy tears from myself, my mom and my sister. It was just perfect. Vendors: Who are you using for Flowers? Janis Knapp, my second mom and the maid of honors mother Describe your vision and style for the decorations: Country chic wooden and rustic, farm-style and outdoors Timeline in colors: grey, ivory accents with peaches, mauves, and oranges with flowers Cowboy boots What are your wedding colors? Grey, mauve, and ivory Who is your DJ/MC? DJ Glenn with Sound Foundation Media Group Who are you using for Catering? Mount Hood BBQ Who is doing your cake? Juli Hamilton Who is supplying your rentals? LGS Events Who are you using for invitations? Designs to Flour

Josh and Bailey Wedding at The First Aid House Vancouver WA

 Wedding Date August 10, 2019 Venue:  Red Cross Building Where is your dress from? David’s bridal, altered at beyond the vail What song did you choose for your first dance? Girl like you- Foreigner Who did use for Flowers? Euphloria florist What are your wedding colors? Red, black and white Who did you use for Catering? Simply thyme Who made your cake? Simply sweets