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5 tips for a better family photo experience - Vancouver WA Family Photographer

  Family photos are a great way to capture memories and create a lasting legacy for generations to come. However, getting everyone to cooperate and look their best in a family photo can be a challenge. Here are five tips for a better family photo experience: Plan ahead: Schedule the photo shoot at a time when everyone will be well-rested and fed. If you are too busy and juggling your kid’s sports and other obligations on the day of your session you will likely feel stressed. Try to give yourself lots of time to get ready for your session so that you are not rushed before, during, or after. Choose a location that is meaningful to your family or has a nice backdrop. Consider coordinating outfits in advance to ensure everyone looks great together. Communicate with your photographer: Let your photographer know what you’re looking for in the photos. Share any preferences you have in terms of poses, lighting, or other details before your session. If you have a Pinterest board, share it! Th