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Our Home::Extreme makeover:: {Vancouver WA Photographer}

This post has been on my to do list for some time... but It's one I've been dragging my feet and it seems like nothing is ever perfect or 'ready' for photos This July we will have been in our home for 3 years. We have worked so hard to make this house a home and the projects have seemed endless. I remember looking at the house for the first time and thinking "No F-ing way!" I looked at my husband who said he wanted a 'Move-In Ready' and thought "are you crazy?" The house had a musty smell to it. The carpet was blue. There was sponge painting and wallpaper in the master bedroom with carpeted baseboards and the kitchen was so 70's I couldn't stand it. The house felt dark. The backyard was overgrown and had ivy smothering the life out of the trees. On the plus side, the house is in a nice,  quiet neighborhood with great schools close by. A new roof, new siding, windows, and heat pump had been added in the last 5 years. So really the