Ryan and Shelby Vancouver WA Engagement Session

  • Shelby and Ryan
  • November 05, 2017
  • July 28, 2018

  • Ryan and I were really good friends in middle school. We had big crushes on each other but never dated. My dad had told his mom that I would marry him one day. We went to different high school but still had mutual friends that kept us in contact. In 2012 Ryan had told our mutual friends that he was going to marry me one day. Our friends laughed at him saying "Ya right". In August 2014 Ryan was in a wedding at Camas Meadows Golf Course where I worked in the summers. I was not scheduled to work the wedding. I got a call at 4:00 to be a server. I left my plans and went to work. It so happened that the table I was assigned to was Ryan's family. Ryan had a few drinks during the wedding. He had continuously asked to take me on a date. I had told him I was dating someone. But his persistence continued. The next morning Ryan text me saying "I'm sorry if I crossed any line. But... if you become single you have to let me take you on a date". Fast forward 3 months. I had become single. That same day I saw Ryan at the gym. He asked how I was? I had told him that "my ex and I broke up" he replied with "my horse-drawn carriage is out back in you want to hope in". Two weeks later, we went on a date. The rest is history.
  • For my birthday in February, I had decided I wanted to go to pizza. I had picked my favorite pizza place, Amaflies (that happened to be the first place Ryan joined my family for dinner). I called and made reservations and got everything set up. I made reservations and invite my brother, his girlfriend, my parents and Ryan's mom. My brother is a photographer and always has a camera. On the way to the restaurant, Ryan's mom asked us to take a picture so she can have new pictures of us for her wall. When we got to the restaurant it was raining. I decided I was going inside and we can take pictures there. Everyone got mad that I went inside and kept yelling at me to take a picture. Finally, Ryan convinced me to take a picture outside. He and my brother had a plan that when he turned his camera that he was ready. That's when Ryan got down and asked. He had forgotten all his words and only got out "will you marry me?" It was perfect. I was more than surprised! I couldn't have planned it better myself!

  • I am most excited to just be married. To vow to spend my life with Ryan in front of our family and friends.

  • The Madeleine Catholic Church in Portland Oregon
  • Same place
  • Hula Boy Hawaiian Food

  • Our Friend Jay
  • Starting out with a sports, beer, football theme. Then went to the more formal winery look!
  • Let it be fun. Think of ideas that go with your personalities!
  • It was amazing! We had so much fun. Tara brought us out of our shell and we laughed the whole time! Don't worry about being awkward!


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